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Go China?

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What does it mean. It seems to be a suggestion for the destination of foreign political visits. Actually many of them follow this direction. At the end of last year President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski accompanied by the Rectors of the Polish universities spent a couple of days in Beijing and Shanghai. Last week the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel also paid a visit to China. What are they looking for? Are they interested in Chinese history, culture or education. The answer is maybe, but surely they are interested in the Chinese monetary reserves. They are very big and might help European Union to get out of financial crisis and give a kick to economic growth. Chinese officials do not refuse to help European Union but I think that they will be interested in more freedom in access to the European market.

I will explain now the title, it is the new strategy of the Polish government to suport the Polish companies willing to develop their activities in China. Polish businessmen can expect suport in removal of administrative barriers. I do not think it is really helpful suport, on my opinion Polish businessmen need help in financing of their investment and system of financial guarantees for export credits. This is what their competitors get from their governments.

Frankly speaking, the only real help could be a direct service of LOT from Warsaw to Beijing. Why Beijing? The answer is very simple. This is not business decision but the political one. If anbody had asked businessmen they would prefer Hong Kong or Shanghai, the real commercial centers, opposite to the political one Beijing. The tickets price will be probably very high. Politicians do not pay themselves for their flights, for them pay all the taxpayers. This way the politicians as usually declaring assistance for business, make their life easier. The only benefitting company is likely to be only LOT.

Sławomir Czepielewski

Vice Rector for international cooperation at Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration. Very experienced projects initiator and innovator, father to more than 20 innovative high tech. companies. He was very effective in the international cooperation creating joint venture companies with American, German, French, Swedish, Czech and Belarusian partners and developing business long term cooperation with many Asian companies, first of all from China.