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Why learn Chinese ?

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Why learn Chinese ?

Last Wednesday I was invited by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System as a key speaker for the seminar "Synergy in valorisation and implementation of the outcomes of decentralized and centralized projects in the Polish edition in Lifelong Learning Programme".

Foundation for the Development of the Education System and its activities allowed many people of all ages, regardless of their education and skills, to participate in educational projects implemented with the support of the European Union. Participation in such programmes not only allows knowledge to be gained in a particular area, but also teaches how to be active and courageous in undertaking actions which change the reality we live in.

The Foundation's main aim is support, in its broad sense, for activities serving the development of education and realises its aim through the coordination of educational programmes of the European Union, among others. The programmes include such participants as children, young people and adults – from pre-schoolers to senior citizens.

I was asked to present the project "Chinese for Europeans" as the example of good practices taking into account the valorisation and implementation of this project. After the presentation started a very interesting discussion, addressing an issue, why European Union decided to finance projects teaching Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Many pros and cons were given during the discussion with pros dominating. The most important concerned the growing role of Chinese economy and necessity in the global world to cooperate. It was clear to everybody that for good cooperation it is necessary to understand each other. We are aware that Chinese language and Chinese culture are very different from ours and this is why there is a long way in front of us to better mutual comprehension.

The basic objective of our project is to encourage Europeans and convince that Chinese is not that difficult and it is possible to learn A1 level within a short time. We are sure that the outcomes of "Chinese for Europeans project" will prove this assumption.

What is your opinion about this issue, do you believe it is possible to learn Chinese A1 easily? Enter our project's Chinese language course, we will convince you.

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  • Raimo Pullat
    10.06.2013 16:06
    I am for it.

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