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Why learn Chinese ?

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Why learn Chinese ? Last Wednesday I was invited by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System as a key speaker for the seminar "Synergy in valorisation and implementation of the outcomes of decentralized and centralized projects in the Polish edition in Lifelong Learning Programme".

Come Poland

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Poland had to wait 25 years for the visit of the Prime Minister of China in our country. It is a long time and a lot has changed in the meantime in both countries. It is worth mentioning that Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao was a member of delegation accompanying Chinese Prime Minister during his visit 25 years ago. The Polish receiving party was totally changed, we can come to conclusion that Chinese political structures are much more stable than ours.

Sky is the limit?

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When I read this title which in full is as follows: "Sky is the limit for Chinese investment in Poland" I thought at the first moment it was about the direct air connection between Warsaw and Beijing, which is expected to overcome obstacles in the development of cooperation between Poland and China, but it was not.

Go Poland

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I have read the bargain prices of LOT direct flights from Warsaw to Beijing, they are still higher than Aeroflot offers with stopover in Moscow. Maybe Russians are more interested to promote exodus of the Polish business to China than our government or they hope that the Polish businessmen, during their stopover in Moscow on their way to China, will change their mind and invest their money in Russia.

Go China?

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What does it mean. It seems to be a suggestion for the destination of foreign political visits.

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