Today Chinese is a necessity

Would you like to learn Chinese? Why not learn it for free?. EU-funded course Chinese for Europeans is already available.

You can use all products by setting up a free account at . The course contains five modules dedicated to different target groups and is available in 23 official EU languages. The initiators of the project are six European institutions for whom the main objective is breaking the barrier in learning Chinese, encouraging to learn the language as well as ensuring all Europeans that learning Chinese is not as complicated as we all imagined.

Module zero is the basics of Chinese and indeed necessary foundations for starting the adventure with the Chinese language. The basic module focuses on the key differences between European and Chinese languages, especially the difference in tonality. It teaches tones, characters, numbers, and basic vocabulary.

Breaking down barriers and getting used to learning Chinese from an early age is one of the objectives that authors of Chinese for Europeans set up. Therefore, especially for the youngest children authors created a module which is a fantastic combination of learning through playing. Games, calligraphy and animations make this part useful and funny also among adults.

The remaining three modules are tailored for specific industry groups and contain specific vocabulary focused on their respective needs. The first one - student module was developed to use an asynchronous e-learning, and focuses mainly on communication situations related to student life, traveling abroad and education. Specialized module dedicated to entrepreneurs, in particular to SMEs sector prepared using the methodology of micro learning. This form of learning allows to revise the material even by the busiest entrepreneurs. Small portions of e-mails sent in regular time intervals set individually by a user enable a systematic acquisition of knowledge.

Most likely, a course Chinese for Europeans will be very useful during a trip to China . The most innovative module dedicated for tourists is available on mobile devices, including smartphones. The module for tourists is a fantastic help during trips in China. Chinese for tourists is a good friend who may save you from a communication oppression.

To take an advantage of all modules of the course Chinese for Europeans, just set up an account at, start learning, make friends with the Chinese language, and simply have fun with it. The web site consists also useful information about cultural differences between the western and eastern traditions and practical advice on behavior during a trip to China. – a platform for establishing cooperation with China

This web page is the result of the project Chinese for Europeans. The goal of this web page is to create and promote new cultural and business possibilities between Europe and China mainly by learning modern Chinese language used also in business environment.

The mentioned web page provides such materials and tools, which facilitates learning business Chinese languageswithin four modules:

  • Children
  • Students
  • Businessmen
  • Tourists

The web page allows you to:

  • Learn Chinese from basis using e-learning, micro learning and m-learning methodologies
  • Exchange experiences among entrepreneurs, students and tourists
  • Gather information on culture in China, business culture, customs and language
  • Use free Chinese course anywhere and anytime

An access to the project results on is free of charge. The project is oriented on Europeans who want start their adventure with Chinese and China. The project is also addressed to those who are interested in cooperation with companies from China. The project partnership is represented by Antwerp Management School (Belgium), Mescomp Technologies (Poland), Soros International House (Lithuania), International Certificate Conference (Germany), Fondazione Italia Cina (Italy) and EduActive (Poland).

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.