Mescomp Technologies S.A.

Aleje Jerozolimskie 47, 00-697 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: + 48 22 636 20 00  Fax: + 48 22 290 32 22

Małgorzata Jendryczka

Mescomp SA, the mother company of Mescomp Group was founded in 1987 in Warsaw by a group of young Polish engineers and managers. The activities related to computer technology, telecommunication and medical equipment were performed by Mescomp Telecom SA and since 2008 by Mescomp Technologies SA.

The development of the company was based on creative design of software and hardware for information systems and telecommunication companies. Later the brand Mescomp was deployed and various products for computer industry and telecommunication were designed, manufactured, delivered, installed and maintained. Recently the high-tech medical equipment has been included in the scope of interest of the company, this activity is carried out under the brand Mesmed. The company was also very successful in the delivery of software and software related services, developed together with German, French and Russian partners. Since 2006, Mescomp has been active in international European projects, concentrating on software side of languages teaching related projects. Our knowledge and experience make us an excellent partner both in implementation projects, manufacturing and consulting.

Antwerp Management School

Sint-Jacobsmarkt 9-13, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel: +32 3 265 47 50  Fax: + 32 3 265 4734

Dorinela Munteanu

Antwerp Management School aims to be a 'full-service partner' and its primary goal is to help current and future managers in the private, public and non-profit sector fulfil their training and development needs. Its priorities are optimal quality control, an interactive process of working with small groups, emphasis on research-based knowledge and 'best-practices', an international outlook and a constant adaptation of the programmes to the requirements of the business community.

Aside from organizing training at home and abroad the Antwerp Management School is also involved in applied research. The outcome of research projects forms a vital source of inspiration for the courses. Antwerp Management School has been awarded the prestigious AACSB label by the 'Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business' (AACSB).

International Certificate Conference e.V.

Kaiserstr. 39, 63065 Offenbach am Main, Germany
Tel: +49 234 9342 9492

Robert Williams

The International Certificate Conference e.V. is an international network for language learners, teachers and researchers. 

International Certificate Conference e.V. achieves its aims through the following activities: contributing to policy making at intergovernmental level; acting as a consultant to national bodies, such as adult education associations and ministries; running teacher certifications schemes; administering quality assurance schemes for courses, teaching materials and other products concerned with lifelong learning and languages; initiating and cooperating in internationally-funded projects; holding international and regional conferences; dissemination of appropriate materials through its website; International Certificate Conference e.V. gained expertise in the Porfolio development over recent years DiLaPort, LinguaPeace, ELPBVI and DeafPort.

Italy China Foundation

Palazzo Clerici - Via Clerici 5, 20121 MILANO, Italy
Tel: 02.72000000  Fax: 02.36561073

Francesca Bonati

Italy China Foundation focus its mission on fostering cultural political and economical activities between China and Italy.

One of the most important activities concerns teaching chinese language and culture through language courses, in house trainig, exhibitions and conferences. Our School hosts a course of "teaching methodologies for chinese language" for graduated on chinese language.

Soros International House

Konstitucijos ave 23A, 08105 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel: +370 5 2724839  Fax: +370 5 2724839

Daiva Malinauskiene

Soros International House is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1993. It is an affiliated member of International House World Organization, a member of the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education, a Center of Foreign Language Teacher Training, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania. Soros International House is a representative of Schiller International University. Soros International House is IH World Organization approved Teacher Training Center as well as approved examination centre of Instituto Cervantes for Spanish and Pearson authorized tests centre LTE for English languages.

The entity has got experience in creating and participating in many international projects (Socrates, Grundtvig and Lingua, Leonardo da Vinci, Lifelong Learning Programme and NordPlus. It also has explicit experience in Adult Education, Intercultural Learning and Active Citizenship, Teacher-training, Language teaching and promotion. Its staff is based on highly experienced teachers and administrative support.


Witolda Pileckiego 104/149, 02-781 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48 668 429 785

Mateusz Czepielewski

EduActive specializes in the use of the latest ICT solutions in education, especially in students, pupils and staff learning process. EduActive is cooperating with educational institutions (universities, vocational training institutions), business (companies and associations of different industries, etc.), together with information technology and media (websites, portals, television). The company has prepared a huge number of customized ICT solutions for e-learning, mobile learning and multimedia learning. EduActive deals with both preparation of dedicated software solutions, as well as the preparation and development of the content (including educational materials).

EduActive experts are involved in all stages of the project development and performance: from concept creation to systems implementation and maintenance. EduActive employees are both ICT professionals, as well content creators who are analyzing and preparing adaptation of  specific branch knowledge into didactical content and educational materials.